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Spike And Blacky

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Spike the cat

Ambivalent Cat Love

Spike is from Wyoming and could love you to death. Blacky is just indifferent.

Your Muse Called


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Cat Mafia

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Ambivalent Cats

This is Spike from Wyoming who could love you to death.

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Exploring ideas of fact, artifice and truth on Sunday morning. I should get outside today!image

This is a blank map that lets you go as far as you want with no questions asked.
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Ebb and Flow

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I’ve joined the Taglines group on Facebook and all are invited to create “tags”, phrases or thoughts  in search of the positive in body, mind and spirit.  When I search for that positivity for myself and in art, I am reminded that most always, there must be an ebb and a flow for me.  Without the ebb, or quiet time of doing nothing, or I try too hard, the flow will vanish.

I’ve been returning to some favorite themes in visual journaling….talking birds and imagining what they might discuuss. ……maybe the best route south or stopping for a discussion on today’s nature photo.

“……but as summer began to wane and the crystal hazy white of early summer began to shade onto a creamy yellow….”. After doing the sketch and taking the pictures, I was thinking about how to describe the waning days of summer.  Found it perfectly written with Christopher Tilghman’s book “The Right Hand Shore.  Wonderfully descriptive.